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In business for over 30 years, the Osman Auction house is a leader in industrial and automotive auctions in the busy Alberta, Canada market. The Automotive Division alone hosts over 100 auctions a year with sales ranging from 200 to a capacity of 900 vehicles in an auction.

With this level of demand it was essential that Osman automate its entire operation to include.

automatic customer check in at physical terminals

device integrated vehicle inspections and logging

inventory control and lot management

integration of cashier and cheque management

bulk mailing and notification functionalities

brochure generation

financial tracking and report generation

human resource management

live auction bid screen management


This need led the way to the ongoing realization of the Auction Gears platform which was developed in cooperation with Osman as a solution that can be deployed in other similar operations. This web-based system reduces IT costs and allows for easy expansion and maintenance. Future plans include the further development of the system for increased live online auction functionality.

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